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December 2006
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jjano [userpic]

Title: My Part Veela Penpal
Type allowed: Het.
Challenge: Post GoF. As Fleur is leaving, she decides it would be amusing to become Harry's penpal over the summer. Slowly they come to realize they have more in common then they thought.
Other Info not covered: Harry/Fleur please.

Salmon Pink [userpic]

Title: Ripples

Pairing: Angelina/Alicia/Katie
Type: Femmeslash
Warnings: Threesome, NC-17
Challenge: Quidditch Innuendo
One-shot: 1456 words

Summary: It’s windy and it’s raining and men are pigs. But chocolate cures all. And so do friends.

( “Fancy a ride on my broomstick, lovely?” Angelina purrs. )

Hello. I do love challenges that I have seen and have decided to make my own.

Alright, this challenge is called The "Quidditch Innuendo" Challenge. In this you must have a fic centered around two characters, whether of straight pairing, m/m slash, femslash pairing. Also at least one Quidditch Innuendo, sexual in nature, must be present in the fic, though you are free to have as many as you want.

Pairings I enjoy, but you are not limited to, are: teen!James/teen!Sirius, teen!James/teen!Remus, teen!Sirius/teen!James, teen!Sirius/teen Remus, teen!James/teen!Sirius/teen!Remus, Harry/Draco, Fred/George, Bill/Charlie, Oliver/Flint, Oliver/Percy, teen!Sirius/teen!Severus, teen!James/teen!Severus, teen!Remus/teen!Severus, Remus/Hermione, Sirius/Hermione, Draco/Hermione.

I can't wait to see the fics, and I'm sure they'll be great. This challenge will be crossposted in a lot of HP fanfic communities.

Deadline: I'm going to say Thursday, the 1st of June.

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